Friday, 1 May 2009

One battery

The battery in my bedside clock gave up a few days ago. I thought I'd only be able to buy a pack of two: the second would probably have died by the time the first one had. However, I was lucky: I saw on the battery rack in the newsagents a packet with one battery removed. It transpires that Janet from the florist next door had had a similar problem and had negotiated to take one battery (she had paid for both) but have the money if someone wanted the other. So I took the £1.50 into Janet and we're both happy.

Now, where do I dispose of the old one...

1 comment:

Helen said...

Hi David, like the green type you've used.....! Recycling used batteries - we really do need to find a suitable box to put in the church - I know we discussed it on Thursday, but not sure we reached a conclusion? Might have something to do with that rowdy crowd in the corner of the pub! ;)