Thursday, 7 January 2010

Snow and Lasan

We’re snowed in again but the sun was out this morning and it was beautiful.

No 4x4 this time but everyone in the village is making sure we’re all OK. Alvin collected mail and papers yesterday and today. We’ve stocked up with logs and the freezer is full. See you in March?

Gordon Ramsay

Did you see Gordon Ramsay’s F-word tonight? We discovered Lasan in Birmingham a few years ago and have visited a few times since. Everyone was rude when I reported that I’d taken Brenda to Birmingham for her birthday last year (“Birmingham?”) but it’s a great place. There are canal walks, lots of interesting architecture (including an awful concrete shopping centre renamed Paradise Forum – at least they’ve tried) an art gallery and of course shops including the iconic Selfridges.

Lasan is a great Indian restaurant serving traditional food in a modern way. It won the ‘Best Local Restaurant’ on the F-word programme tonight. Well deserved. Other restaurants we found that are amongst the best places we’ve eaten in anywhere are Cielo – an Italian in Brindley Place – and Opus – fantastic food and service to match.

Birmingham’s only an hour or so away on Chiltern Railways – give it a try!


Ann R said...

Hope you visited the cathedral where there are stunning Burne Jones stained glass windows

David said...

Yes, I forgot about that - I was rather secular in my comments!

Helen said...

Great - I'm in Birmingham at twice a month. Going to get myself down to that Indian restaurant as soon as I have a late(ish) meeting...!
Thanks for the tip...!

Ian Binns said...

I live in the frozen north, well Lancashire anyway. Here its a bit like Little Hampden to judge from David's photos. Going for a walk is problematic because of the depth of the snow. I've taken to following the sheep tracks which makes the route rather random or leads to an unprepossesing salt cake. However I don't really like following someone stupider than me; but then again who knows?