Saturday, 18 September 2010

Southampton Boat Show

We went to the Southampton boat show yesterday. It was a beautiful day for wandering round the show which is on the waterfront and includes lots of boats afloat. There wasn't much evidence of the recession with vast FGPs and big expensive sailing boats. However we heard that Sunseeker had been rescued and that Broom had ceased building boats.

We were looking at the other extreme! We were amused by this Starfish children's dinghy – only 5 feet in length. Perhaps for the grandchildren in a while.

We were looking for a replacement for our old dinghy which had gone missing – probably children playing on the jetty. I'd spotted a likely candidate – actually made by the same company as the Starfish – but when we saw it we realised it would be much too heavy to manhandle on the jetty. We then spotted the Walker Bay. This was light to handle, looked like a real boat and had the bonus of having a simple sail so we could potter in the evenings and perhaps introduce the grandchildren to sailing.

When we arrived at home. Little Hampden was looking it's usual beautiful self – with the leaves just turning.

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