Sunday, 1 May 2011

Looking back over Easter and Lent

Phew, over 2 weeks since I blogged - but it’s been a busy time. OK, so I failed to keep to the Love Life Live Lent activities - although I did manage quite a few. And Zone Plus, the week before Holy Week, was, I think, a success. There are lots of pictures on the web site - We had nearly 50 youngsters involved and the grinning faces say it all!

Then there was the reading of the Gospels from the King James bible. Very moving for everyone and fascinating to hear the whole story, rather than just extracts. On of the regular volunteer Church cleaners has reported that when he is mopping the floor or whatever he feels in touch with people who have looked after the building - and worshipped there - for hundreds of years. I think we felt the same - the readings will be echoing round the stonework...

The Easter services were good, too. Quiet until Easter day - and then the Churches were full and joyful. Then a day afloat - but mainly spent clearing bird poo off the deck! The oystercatchers are flourishing and look and sound wonderful - until they land en masse on the deck! They completely ignored a neighbouring owner’s attempt to keep them off with yards and yards of strings with attached orange ribbons.

So I think I have caught up at last - at least until I started to draft an application for a grant for the youth activities. But I think we are ticking enough boxes against the Chiltern District Council’s criteria - time will tell!

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