Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Day 7 – arrival!

Last day: we were ahead of schedule so had a fairly easy day. There were more straight cuttings and tall bridges.

The bridges on this section still have the cast iron plates to protect the stonework from the ropes on the horse-drawn boats.

The only tunnel on this section, the Cowley tunnel, is only 81 yards long but is cut out of solid rock so no lining is necessary.

After the one lock and a stop for lunch (during which there was a shower of rain – the only one during the day for quite a while - and we were in the cabin) we arrived at Norbury Junction at 2:50. We moored short of the boatyard for tea.

After driving back to Stockton to collect my car, we opened a bottle of fizz to celebrate the end of the journey.

Day 7 was 10.1 miles, 1 lock.

Over the week, we travelled 53.7 miles and passed through 88 locks. The journey by car back to Stockton was 72 miles – going round Birmingham – but took 1 hour 40 minutes...

Click on the maps below to see a larger version with the GPS track overlaid:

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