Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dedication of new kneelers at Little Hampden Church

Bishop Alan dedicated some wonderful new altar kneelers at Little Hampden Church at a service of Evensong this evening. The Service was lead by Rev Caroline Bailey and was followed by drinks and nibbles.

The old kneelers were falling apart. Jeanette Green designed the new kneelers, using the colours in the windows as inspiration. Some of the Little Hampden congregation  ladies started to make the kneelers but they were not experienced enough so Jeanette, together with Kathy Featherstone and Lois Shoesmith completed them. Tonight’s service was a celebration of their work; unfortunately Kathy and Lois couldn’t attend but Jeanette was presented with flowers and a special gift.

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Earnestine Kettering said...

Kneelers are as essential as pews in churches, so it's great news that you had yours replaced when the old ones started to fall apart. Also, I like the idea of matching the color and design of the new kneelers to the window of the chapel. You've ensured that the kneelers are comfortable for the church goers and are also pleasing to the eyes. Earnestine Kettering