Thursday, 25 October 2012

Earthquake-proof buildings – British engineering

The scientific world has roundly denounced the jailing of the Italian scientists for failing to forecast the earthquake and the entire leadership of the Italian disaster-warning agency has resigned. There was a facetious letter today suggesting that the UK weather forecasters should be jailed for forecasting a heat wave this week that didn't turn up. Let’s hope the sentences are overturned on appeal – and on some reasonable understanding of risk.

More about risk later but I thought I’d try to find some earthquake-related engineering so I Googled earthquake-resistant buildings, expecting to find some Japanese and US material (OK, the former probably wouldn't appear in western typeface!) but I was surprised to find a British engineering company that includes these in their product range. Have a look at their web site here and a detailed description of ’quakes and buildings here.

Reid Steel also have a marine division which makes, amongst other things, the Starfish – a super little rowing dinghy for children.

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