Saturday, 17 November 2012

Inspirational Young Enterprise

The Young Enterprise team from the Chiltern Hills Academy made it to the BHS Christmas Fair today. On Tuesday at their weekly meeting they realised that the fair was only four days away and they really got their act together. Two members went down to the town and bought all the material they needed for their sweet bags. There was an intensive production session filling the bags with sweets, closing them with the gold ribbon they had bought, and making the labels. Deciding on the price was a little challenging but eventually they opted for £1: a reasonable profit but a price they thought would encourage customers to buy.

Another production session was held on Wednesday at lunchtime to ensure they had enough bags for the fair.

It was a real example of how having a clear objective to which they were all committed made a big difference, not only to the amount achieved but also to the enjoyment and sense of achievement of the team.

At the fair this morning, they were in high spirits: they had a table full of sweet bags and people were buying them. They were keen to tell me that they had ideas for the Victorian evening at Chesham and were planning to sell in school. They recognised that they would have to negotiate this.

Already this group has developed some skills which complement their school lessons and which will stand them in good stead whatever career they pursue!

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