Thursday, 16 May 2013

Simple computer tips - cursor move keys - one more option

Shift and a cursor move key selects the text, ctrl and a move key moves one word or one paragraph so if you hold down both ctrl and shift what do you think a cursor move key does? Selects to the next word or paragraph.

Have a go at selecting words or paragraphs: type some text into Word or an e-mail then click somewhere in the middle to put the cursor there. Press and hold the ctrl and shift keys then try the right and left cursor move keys. The cursor moves to the start of the next or previous word. Pressing the same key again selects the next or previous word and so on. The up and down keys with ctrl-shift does the same but to the start of the next or previous paragraph.

Enough of the cursor move keys. Next, some of the other odd keys on the keyboard.


Brajesh Narayan said...

I like your unique way of posting and sharing blog. I appreciate your way of providing option tips

Mike Lowson said...

You have given valuable tips in your post"Simple computer tips - cursor move keys - one more option" I think none could write as well as you have write in this post. From deep in my heart I thanks you for this post.
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