Friday, 13 December 2013

13th December: two Christmas Tree poems

A busy few days so I’m a little behind. Here are two Christmas Tree poems to go with the Christmas Tree Festival:

Christmas Tree - Laurence Smith

Star over all
Eye of the night
Stand on my tree
Magical sight
Green under frost
Green under snow
Green under tinsel
Glitter and glow
Applied with baubles
Silver and gold
Spangled with fire
Warm over cold.

Christmas Tree - Stanley Cook

Stores and filling stations prefer a roof
For Christmas Trees, away from the pilfering children,
And set the cost against their income tax;
Florists sell them at something a foot
And like the rest of Christmas illuminations
They use electricity in off-peak periods:
Enough to make steal an honest tree
From a Forestry Commission planting.
Isn’t there somewhere in the woods a fir
Beneath whose natural pagoda of branches
Deer bivouac, that dredges silver
From an accident of moonlight
And roofs the moss from snow that falls on higher ground?
Isn’t there a the child, beneath the presents
We heap upon him, that we are fond of?

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