Friday, 3 July 2009

Youth of today...

Yesterday Malcolm, the other adviser, and I took the students from the Misbourne Young Enterprise company out for a meal to celebrate their successes. We had a wonderful evening and our guests behaved impeccably and were great company. We discussed their career aspirations, good and boring teachers, driving tests (one member had passed that day) and forthcoming auditions for Junior Apprentice. We also discussed their radio station and the plans they have to keep it on the air. You can listen to it now: click on the Chance logo to the right. At the end of the meal, with no prompting, money appeared on the table to pay for their drinks – but was rapidly pocketed again when we stressed that the evening was our treat. Youngsters get a lot of bad press these days but they’re not all bad.

A college alumnus society I belong to elects members on the basis of the answer to the question ‘Would you like to be sitting opposite this person at dinner in 20 years?’ I’d be honoured to join any of these in 20 years.

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