Sunday, 23 August 2009

Day 2

I’m not sure where they are – they have sent a grid ref from the GPS but must have reset the coordinates. I estimate they are near Allenheads. It’s been a tough day – lots of uphill and bad weather. Margaret reports ‘I was cold and I had 3 layers and the heater on in the car’ Both Will and Heleb were soaked at the highest point. Tomorrow looks like some hard uphill stretches but lots of downhill. I’ll try to get a better position .

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rosie said...

my heart goes out to them -I can't think of anything tougher -they will deserve every penny of their sponsorship. Lets hope for a kinder day today.

Helen said...

That was probably the worse day I've had on a bike. Margaret was simply brilliant - a fab sports director!
Hey, Margaret I understand a certain American cyclist is looking for a new director for 2010 - how about it....?! ;)