Friday, 28 August 2009

They've made it!

2:15 this afternoon, a text from Margaret said: ‘They’ve done it! Just in time – it’s pouring. They’re both safe but tired. 305 miles of hard cycling.’ Helen’s Facebook entry (via her mobile) said ‘Helen Biggerstaff Has finished the ride. Back to the undulations of the beautiful Chilterns! See some of you on Sunday! X’

It’s been a hard week, particularly with mixed weather, but Will and Helen have achieved their target: across the North of England from coast to coast and back. They should be back in Great Missenden on Sunday – come to St Peter & St Paul to welcome them home.

If you haven’t sponsored them yet, it’s not too late: email me on


Mim said...

Report from the stop-off point on journey home! All 3 arrived safely in St Helen's and had customay cups of tea or galsses of juice, a meal and well earned glass of wine - not Will, I hasten to add! Then off to various forms of bed - a 'real' one was afforded to Helen, a folding 'put-you-up' was Will's resting place, whilst Margaret had the joy of sleeping on an inflatable amtress which decided to deflate during the night! (Well, she did say was ok sleeping on the floor!)

Congratulations for an amazing feat of determination and endurance to both Will and Helen,
with love and respect! Mim and Martin x

Mim said...

Just re-read previous entry - blog doesn't have spell-check! Apologies for typo's! Mim

Helen said...

Mim - thanks so much for your hospitality and company last night. Great supper and very comfy bed!
Hope to see you both down south soon...?

Helen x

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you - really impressive !

(Silchester Digger, who happens to have been Christened at Great Missenden church !)