Monday, 21 December 2009


Out of the village today courtesy of Becky. I’ve decided that we need to be mobile over the next few days and the forecast is not good so I’ve hired a 4x4. The change from isolation to freedom – at least comparative freedom - made me think of all the people at home and round the world who don’t have our freedom to travel, to access information, to make friends.... So spare a thought and a prayer for the oppressed everywhere.

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Helen said...

Hey David I was going to tease you about hiring a 4x4 - but in 2 days I have used my neighbour's Range Rover twice!
Once on a mercy mission - the other taking my neighbours on the farm to Tesco - that very large corner shop in Amersham!
I have to admit, they do indeed, seem very useful in the snow - though I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure none of the environmental group had seen me...! ;)