Friday, 18 December 2009

Snow makes time

8 inches of snow (sorry, 200mm) forced a stay-at-home day. I had promised to help with copying and stapling – sorry Elizabeth! I even resisted taking pictures although this morning with the blue sky was wonderful. I did take one from the front door – the clear patches were caused by the wind – there was really 200mm in places!

But a day at home was good although there were several calls and e-mails about arrangements for the weekend. My e-mails are mounting up, though. I’ll need to attack them tomorrow.

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Brenda said...

You exaggerate, but the delivery got through and our wonderful milkman came late Thursday instead of Friday morning to avoid the snow. How's that for service! In last year's snow one of the ladies from Wren Davis brought milk up the village in a land rover.