Friday, 26 February 2010

Take a friend and go ape

I was wondering whether meeting up with an old uni frined and going to an Indian restaurant in Rugby counted. The Masala Lounge does offer ‘Avant Garde Indian Cuisine’ (I’ve always been rather concerned about ‘Indian cuisine’) We had an enjoyable evening and some excellent Indian cooking. It was really avant garde: much more delicate than your normal curry.

When we got back to our friends’ house we had a phone call from another college friend who happened to be passing (from Ely to Plymouth!) so we agreed to meet up and have lunch. We went to the Admiral Nelson at Braunston – a canal-side pub so I nearly achieved another of the suggested actions – except I want to save that for later.

So I think meeting up with two friends whom I first met in 1963 and having lunch with them and their wives counts as going ape.

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