Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Zone Plus day 2

Mike’s photo workshop was well attended by a serious gang of budding photographers. They all concentrated through Mike’s description of aperture settings, focus, exposure and so on. And they all participated in his fun exercises – one of which involved Liam hiding behind safety goggles and a pillow.

The afternoon brought two sessions with Urban Strides, the Street Dance compay from Wycombe. Andy Instone who founded the company is a local boy – he went to The Mibourne. His instructor this afternoon, Natalie, was fantastic: she got the youngsters really going in each of the one-hour workshops.

Many of the adults present want us to get Natalie back when we have the grown-up version of Zone Plus!


Helen said...

Yes, a celebratory pizza and a glass wine is called for....!
See you later.......

rosie said...

All this needs to get into Alive@10!
Just reading how 'new ways of being church can so often end up being simply the old ways served up in a new venue -Zone Plus invites us to be more radical!