Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Zone Plus has started

Today saw the first day of Zone Plus. The cycle track was quiet in spite of wonderful weather but the drama was buzzing. We had 17 youngsters of varying ages. They all got on very well and the older ones were extremely helpful. But as someone commented: if you go in for drama you’re not the quiet retiring type! They did a series of exercises in groups and then developed an improvised playlet which they performed just before the end of the event.

Many of the participants and their parents were not known to us in Church so we’re achieving our aims of getting new people.

Helen had time to take young Anna round the bike track.

More pictures - click on the image to see them:

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Helen said...

Fantastic account of the day - I love the video of Anna! Hope she does too? Great shots.
I was talking to one parent who lived in Aylesbury and one from the Chalfonts - so as you say, not local!
Another day ahead and I for one, am looking forward to it....!
See you in a while.