Wednesday, 26 May 2010

April in Paris

OK, so it’s May. We had a quick trip to Paris on Eurostar last weekend. It was a good weekend to pick – not a cloud in the sky and as it was Pentecost, a holiday weekend in France, lots going on. Champs Elysée was transformed into a sort of farm. Half the length of the road – from the Rond Pont to L’Etoile – was filled with all sorts of growing plants in large planters – virtually the full width of the road. There were wheat, beetroot, lavender, hops, haricots, maize and lots more including plants for bees!

Down the sides of the Avenue were stalls run by the French Young farmers – all sorts of things to taste including oysters from 3 sources: the Arcachon ones were the most expensive! And there was beer, wine and champagne to taste.

How’s your French? Have a look at the web site

And what are the crude wooden huts high up on the Pompidou centre?

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rosie said...

Love it! What a fun way to make a protest. Paris in the springtime -it has to be good.