Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Over two weeks with no comment. I think I’ve surfaced after Zone Plus – but Helen is already booking the summer event. After several false starts, we’ve decided on the two days after the summer bank holiday – 31 August and 1 September. We have to move out of Church because the contractors are starting work on the clerestory windows so it’s not really practical to have children running round the Church. So it’s the Oldham Hall and school grounds. We’re widening the age range a little – allowing younger children to participate. One of the interesting factors of the first week was that virtually all the participants were organised by their parents. I had expected a number of older teenagers to pop in. Perhaps in the summer things will be different.

We’ve also been focussing on younger children in Church during the last few weeks. We’re trying to revitalise Junior Church – for the youngest members. We’ve had some good workshops. We’ve been missing active leadership for this age group but things are slowly dropping into place. I had an email from one of the mums today saying that her daughter – now a teenager – is full of ideas for the little ones. We need to find a way of tapping this enthusiasm without disrupting school and exam pressures! I don’t know how teenagers communicate these days: I hear they’ve gone beyond Facebook (“ that’s for parents now”) I’ve suggested a pizza with some of the young Zone Plus helpers to get ideas for new activities in the summer. Perhaps this is the way. I’ll keep you posted.

Communicating with adults is no better these days. We’re well into the Blackberry/IPhone era but people still don’t know what’s going on. Perhaps that’s the problem: information overload.

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