Thursday, 10 June 2010

South Africa

In the press a lot at the moment! SA has clearly come a long way since the apartheid days but has still a long way to go. I hope the football will bring further improvements. I remember a TV programme in the bad old days when a London school sent some pupils – a multi-racial group, of course – on an educational trip. It was a very moving program, some of the students having difficulty in understanding why they couldn’t swim with the whole group – or even use the same loos. I have an abiding memory of the last shot in the programme when the camera panned round the group waiting at the airport and then turned towards one of their minders who immediately put his hand up over the lens.

On her blog, Practising the Presence of God, Archdeacon Karen is having 25 days of prayer for the diocese of Kimberley and Kuruman in the Northern Cape that is linked with Oxford. Karen explains the background on her posting of 27 May. Images of South Africa abound and the contrasts are still stark. I found another blog of SA townships – I have no idea whether it’s typical but take a look at it here

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Refiloe Molefe said...

Life in the townships has not changed that much since the 1990's but we can realy be lying if we go on and inform the world that we havent seen any improvvement in the last decade, the problem is that it's sporadic.