Friday, 25 June 2010

Night hike

It’s 22:30. We’ve just had a ring on the doorbell and found four young scouts on a night expedition. They had come about two miles from the Rignall Road and were not quite sure where they were. They are walking through the night and are challenged to get as far east as possible. They were on their own but were instructed to phone periodically. They obviously had done so because when I took them back to the footpath to set them off in the right direction, their scout leaders arrived.

What a great way to give the youngsters an adventure and expose them to the real world at a manageable risk – at least I assume the leaders were on top of this. I was talking to a mother the other day; she was lamenting the change of attitude: when she was young, not so long ago, she would just set off on her bike to find friends and arrange a game of tennis or a swim whereas today everything seems to be organised and scheduled. Well it’s not – at least for this gang of scouts.

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