Sunday, 4 July 2010

Poppies and Union Jack

The wheatfield in front of our house had a band of poppies earlier in the week – but I missed them. However, there were a few this evening. And the wheat is starting to ripen. Don the farmer has been servicing his combine harvester – won’t be long now.

Earlier in the week I had a sail. The navy were playing again – they have a pair of cranes in the middle of Portsmouth harbour to which they tow their warships to fuel and arm them – presumably to be away from the centre of population in the event of accident. The ships carry the Union Jack (yes, it really is a Union Jack when on the jackstaff of one of HM ships) when moored at the cranes, but as soon as the tug takes control the flag is lowered – the navy is not in command at that time!

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