Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Birthday conundrum and holding crosses

You may remember a while ago I talked about probability. Perhaps I should warn you that I bought two books at Neta’s mini fete on Sunday: 50 Physics Ideas you Really Need to Know and 50 Maths ditto. I believe I pipped Neta’s husband to them so I’ll have to let him borrow them. But be warned: there may be some scientific blogs over the next few weeks. One of the statistical mysteries I mentioned a month ago (5th June) was the birthday conundrum: the chances of two people in a group of 25 having a birthday on the same day (not the year) is greater than 50%. I was prompted today to look at the birthdays of my facebook friends. I’m not going to own up to how many I have but it’s more than the 3 I had a while ago – I thought that was rather sad so I linked up with some more. However, going through the list there are 3 dates on which two people in this random group have the same birthday (in one case it’s three people but as two are twins I don’t think that counts.) So, statistics wins again.

Today Tricia, Wendy and I visited the Young Enterprise company at Stony Dean school.

This group in the special needs school is incredibly enterprising, helped by some very supportive staff. They make the holding crosses we give to newly-baptised children at Church and Wendy is going to write an article about them for the Parish Magazine. Juliet the lead teacher is leaving at the end of term but we met her replacement who is keen to continue the company – and producing our crosses. They have a number of activities, horticulture being probably the most profitable. They have a polytunnel in which they grow a range of plants to sell to staff and the public. They also made and sold a range of products around the World Cup – including flag keyrings of participating countries. They have a small residual stock of England items but are confident that they will sell them eventually.

Visiting Stony Dean and seeing how these youngsters are developing is inspirational.

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rosie said...

Three great blogs -lots of good news.
I look forward to the science -how can I resist going through my facebook list to see if it works on my friends!