Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Pews out, more birthday coincidences and more maths

You may remember I blogged about the coincident birthday chance a while ago (6th July.) Today four coincided: grandson Jack, neighbour Geoff, friend Alan and Brenda’s friend Gay. Not only that, two of them are significant birthdays. Have you checked your facebook friends yet?

I’ve been going through my maths book (Chris has borrowed the Physics one) and just read about the Fibonacci sequence. This is very simple: it starts with 0 and 1 and each subsequent number in the sequence is the sum of the previous two:

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34....

This simple sequence has all sorts of properties – amongst them explaining the distribution of sunflower seeds:

I’ve never really paid much attention to the relationships of numbers in sequences but having seen this – and the other things that Fibonacci can explain – I’m hooked!

Little Hampden Organ

John and Brian finished the pew removal today: they’ve done a fantastic job and the Chancel is ready for the arrival of the organ.

I said yesterday that work had just started – not really the case. We started on this project in November 2008. The Diocesan Organ Adviser visited us just over a year ago. More of the steps we’ve had to go through later.

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