Monday, 26 July 2010

Little Hampden Organ – work starts

Work started today – at last – on the Church at Little Hampden in preparation for the new organ which we hope will be installed next month. I say new organ – it’s actually an old organ which is being restored. But it’s a real pipe organ, not a modern electronic one. Digital technology is advancing rapidly and I’m sure we’ll be able to log on to itunes in the service to get the hymns in a few years but at the moment I don’t think there’s anything to match real air blown through real pipes.

The organ is much larger than the old electronic one it replaces so we have had to locate it in a different position in the Church. So phase one of the works is to remove the old choir pews which are in the space that the new organ will occupy. We had no idea what would be the state of the walls and floor revealed when the pews were removed.

John and Brian started work this morning.

Once the South wall was revealed, it became apparent that there was little damage and we wouldn’t have any significant work to make it good before the organ arrives. The wooden flooring, too, is in good condition – rather a surprise because it is laid on the old paving stones which themselves are resting on the earth – damp-proof courses had not been thought of when the Church was built.

So we now have a large open space ready for the organ.

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rosie said...

This is so exciting -this lovely little church will get the music it deserves!