Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Flower Festival day 2 and Zone Plus day 1

The second day of the Flower Festival – Monday – was a great success. Lots of visitors from the village and further afield and everyone seemed to like the new organ. We had a visit from the walkers on the Parish Plod who had lunch with us (and made generous donations later in the day)

More pictures in a few days

Zone Plus

Another two days of fun activities for youngsters – this time not at Church because the clerestory window project is starting. Today we had Team Fun from the Green Park centre and cooking. There was also a swimming session in the school pool and the Dirt Fox radio-controlled trucks had a good outing, too.

Ian Macdonald from the diocese visited today to present the grant  from the Youth Evangelism Fund that Zone Plus has been awarded. Ian presented the 'cheque' to Lucy who applied on our behalf earlier in the year. Lucy and her friends have been very active in the organisation of the summer Zone Plus.

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