Friday, 27 August 2010

A week on the canals – and preparation for the Flower Festival

We've been on the canals with the grandchildren for the last week – hence no blogs. On Sunday we had all four – a bit traumatic but no accidents.

For the rest of the week we just had two. Great fun in spite of rather damp weather towards the end.

Quotes of the week: Alfie (3) when looking at three ducks on the water but no boats around “why is there no-one to feed them?” Jack (6) when we had moored  “Can I go offboard now please?”

But it's back to a busy weekend. We had a wedding at Little Hampden today – and the first serious use of the new organ. Needless to say, it performed perfectly.  We've got a Flower Festival on Sunday and Monday to celebrate the arrival of the organ – and to help to pay for it. Geoff helped me make shelves for the sloping windows and preparation started today with Mary and Juliet doing their arrangements. More over the weekend.


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rosie said...

It was worth all the effort- the flowers looked wonderful , the organ is just perfect and this evenings service was a lovely community event. All tons of work but totally worth it.