Saturday, 2 October 2010

Advent challenge

Two years ago I started this blog by following Bishop Steven Cottrell's book 'Do Nothing for Christmas' This had a suggested activity for each day of Advent – the book was subtitled 'an Advent Calendar with a Difference' Having a set of things to do was great – and I think a number of readers tried themselves while following the blog. I also tried some of the Lenten activities suggested by Bishop Alan and Archdeacon Karen this year – but they were not on a prescribed calendar.

So here's the challenge: can you provide me with 24 things to do in the run up to Christmas?  I think they should be in the spirit of making time for Christmas: many of the Cottrell suggestions were about standing back from the rush and commercialisation.  I'll have the final choice, of course, assuming I get enough suggestions, but within reason, I'll try anything! Some of the Christmas '08 suggestions have stuck: I still keep in touch with the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter and shall be supporting them, with your help, in the new year. We haven't managed to meet up with my ex-work friend recently but it's still on my todo list.

So let me have your suggestions. Post them as comments here, e-mail me, phone, text or whatever. If you're not sure how to post there's a simple guide in one of the links to the right. I hope I'll collect enough during October to put a calendar together in November ready to start on 1st December.

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