Sunday, 31 October 2010

The best £10 for the appeal so far

Three youngsters came up to me in Church today with a donation for our appeal. Eleanor, Lottie and William got the idea after visiting the Roald Dahl Story Centre and Museum a few weeks ago. They made moneybox which they left near the Dahl grave in the Churchyard. They wrote a simple poem round the box and asked for donations for charity. The poem read “A Penny A Penny, anyone got a penny you could give it to me, out of genirosity. (You don't have to but it could be nice.)”

They decided to give the collection to the Appeal. Their pleasure when handing over their box was wonderful.

There was £2.28 plus €0.20 in the box. I told Eleanor and gang that I'd match their collection (fortunately there wasn't a cheque for £1000 in the bottom of the box) and our generous local donor will double this – making a total of £10!

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rosie said...

How fabulous is that! Maybe it could go in the next magazine