Friday, 17 December 2010

An exciting weekend to look forward to

With bad weather forecast – and here – it's going to be an exciting weekend. We've had about 2 inches (OK, 5cm) of snow and it's now very cold – minus 6° C at Little Hampden. Tomorrow there's a wedding at Great Missenden and on Sunday, two Carol Services as well as the 10:00 communion. The forecast is for more snow tonight but it's not certain that it will come as far north as us. We've already cancelled the 8:00am service. With very heavy frost expected overnight it's unreasonable to expect people to travel early.

We've had an extra delivery of grit thanks to the council and are arranging a work party on Saturday morning to clear snow or spread grit or both. The wedding family have offered to help and have been making special arrangements to get guests up and down the hill.

The Dahl Foundation have their concert on Saturday evening. Their web site says they will be making a decision in the morning about whether to go ahead or not. I guess they'll cancel if we do have extra snow overnight.

Which leaves Sunday....

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