Sunday, 5 December 2010

Nearly a week with no e-mail!

We managed to get away this week in spite of the weather. We were planning to visit Reims – for the Christmas Market and, of course, the champagne. The plan was to cross the channel on Tuesday and drive on to Reims – it's almost exactly 300 miles from home. However, the weather forecast on Sunday evening wasn't promising so we made a quick decision to zoom down to Dover on Monday afternoon and cross earlier on Tuesday. This turned out to be an excellent decision as Kent was probably virtually impassible by Tuesday.

More on the trip later – but I managed without any internet access for nearly a week. I missed a lot of excitement while concerts and services at Church were cancelled or changed – and I'm sorry to have left the rest of the staff with these difficulties but they seem to have managed very well without me. When I logged on today I had an inbox of about 280 e-mails. Quite a lot of junk was easy to get rid of and with some ruthless deletion I managed to get the list down to under 100.  That's about manageable so my first few days of finding time has been fairly successful – although I'm sure the rest of the Church team may not agree!

And Reims? Cold, the Christmas Market was as before: wonderful atmosphere but the usual mixture of stuff – I think the only thing we bought in the market was some mustard from a new local company. The fizz was great, of course and the fields of vines as extensive as ever. Not quite like these: 

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