Friday, 12 August 2011

The IBM PC is 30 years old today

and is still with us – just about! It's demise has been forecast for some time, particularly with the advent of smart phones and tablets however, I think the PC in some form will be round for some time. To misquote Mark Twain “the report of its death was an  exaggeration.” There's an interesting article quoting one of the original design engineers Mark Dean here. Mark's point is that the interest is moving from the technology itself to what is behind it. We've seen that in the recent riots where communications through social media enabled the mobs to gather rapidly.

My view about the 'improved' communications that the new technology enables is that it often inhibits good communication between people: because they can be in touch all the time, they don't communicate. A case of less is more (or the reverse.) I'm not arguing for going back, rather for learning to live better in this new joined-up world.

Speaking of Mark Twain, one quote of his I like is “I don't understand all this fuss about giving up smoking: I've done it dozens of times”

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