Friday, 26 August 2011

Wyred apple juice – from tree to bottle

… well, from picked to bottle.

Wyred, the Church youth group are generating donations for their trip to Africa next summer. They've been offered apples to make apple juice to sell. The apples are on trees so they have to pick them. They're then transported to Chiltern Ridge where they are pressed and bottled. Chiltern Ridge have a wonderful service: they press, pasteurise and bottle apple juice from apples delivered to the farm.

The Wyred apple juice is selling like hot cakes - £3 a bottle or 4 for £2.50. It's available after services, at cream teas or from the Church office. 

Wyred's planned trip is described in more detail on the Church web site

The apples

The press at Chiltern Ridge

Bottling the juice

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