Thursday, 17 January 2013

Amaryllis - flower or superyacht?

When looking at the Solent AIS display for Saturday’s blog, I noticed that the “Amaryllis” was moored at Gunwharf Keys, Portsmouth. We had seen this vessel moored in the Solent on one of our sails last summer. It is a large superyacht: we have an acronym for these in our family: FGP but this is really over the top. It’s available for charter – it has 6 cabins so can take 12 guests. I think it comes with a full crew of 23 and has five tenders including a Graf Ipanema wooden tender – quoted at $550,000 somewhere on the web. Charter rate? Starts at €770,000 per week. 

We also have an amaryllis at home – on our kitchen windowsill. Not quite the same league, although this has shot up at an alarming rate: the second flower which is half way up the stem in these pictures grew 1¾ inches in two days!

Oh, FGP? Floating Gin Palace


Bishop Alan Wilson said...

time to investigate the joys of time-lapse photography?

David said...

Yes! But I was hoping someone would offer to charter the yacht with us for a couple of days...