Thursday, 3 January 2013

Cast iron bridges

After yesterday’s high-tech achievement, let’s look at something which in its day was equally advanced: the wonderful Horseley cast iron bridges on the canals. These occur in many places – either as simple bridges spanning the canal – often at junctions where a brick bridge would be difficult – or more elaborate constructions. Here are some examples.

A Horseley Bridge on the Birmingham Canals

The date of the bridge
Another Horseley bridge over a branch near Rugby
One of a pair of bridges over the junction at Braunston

There are two more substantial and beautiful bridges on the Birmingham Canal system. One is actually an aqueduct taking a branch from the upper or old main line across Telford’s new main line.

The Engine House bridge

The other is the Galton Bridge, designed by Telford and cast by Horseley which used to take the road across the canal. This listed building is now only used by pedestrians

Galton Brdge

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rosie said...

Great photos -I love bridges. The Spanish seem specially good at fabulous modern ones.