Saturday, 29 January 2011

Art - and science

Rather random connections tonight. Firstly Neta in her sabbatical while looking after Chris has being doing a painting a day. Here are some examples:

Last Sunday at Junior Church the youngsters had the first of many science experiments: they made hearts (representing Jesus’ love) with candles in them. They then covered the candles with a mug and the candle went out - if they forget Jesus.  But the candles could be relit - so Jesus never forgets. We also did the candle under a glass with water in a bowl. The water is sucked up into the glass as the oxygen is burned ad the candles go out when there’s none left. I couldn’t remember what the oxygen converts into but the youngsters enjoyed the experiments and seemed to remember the story.

Back to art: looking at a birch we have in the garden I was reminded of a poem I read as part of O-level (remember that?) Birches by Robert Frost. I googled, of course, and found a site with lots of poetry - On some of Frost’s poems - not Birches - as well as the text of the  poem, the words are displayed in sequence as though they are read - have a look at Mending Wall and Out, out-. Birches is here.

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