Friday, 14 January 2011

More communications - what do we call mission?

We’ve been trying to find a concise snappy term to use as the menu item on the Church web site to link to descriptions of each of the organisations that we support. The parish  gives a significant proportion of income to various charities and we also support them in other ways. It would be good to provide some more information on each of these organisations. However, we’re rather stuck on a generic name for this. Formally, some of the financial support is called ‘Mission Giving’ - the PCC votes on this every year. But ‘Mission’ has rather limited meaning - and has been hijacked by the business community. More of this below. But there’s more than this: all our Christmas collections are given to good causes and we often do special collections. Additionally, we support causes in other ways - an example is the regular donations of food and toiletries to the hostel for the homeless in Wycombe, the Old Tea Warehouse.

We have fairly limited space on the menu unless we redesign the whole site. Ideas to date include phrases such as “Who we support” “Giving to others” and “Caring beyond our Church family” as well as some simple ones like “Giving” - the latter has been rejected because it may be interpreted as giving to the parish.

Any suggestions? I was tempted to offer a prize for one we use but instead I’ll make a £20 donation to a charity of the suggester’s choice!

While I was googling Mission I found some fun web sites. The first was the Hawaiian Mission - the Aloha Baptist Church. This had a very amusing cartoon recognising that mission at home is as important as any.

Perhaps we need a Chiltern equivalent!

We’ve got four baptisms on Sunday so it’s worth looking at the Baptisms page on their website

The other funnies were two attempts at a corporate mission statement:

 - note the funny font - see yesterday’s blog!

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