Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Still catching up

I’ve nearly surfaced after Christmas and New Year. It was a challenging time and although there have been some comments about changing locations, I think we made the right decisions. We also had a great time with the family over Christmas and New Year – including a rather 70s style fondue party on New Year's Eve!

Looking back through the blog to our last canal trip in November, I still can't believe that Michael, who had a great day with us when we went up the Watford Staircase locks, is no longer with us. He had a great day and really enjoyed winding the locks. I have a wonderful picture of him sitting next to me at the party on board to celebrate his birthday. I don't think I'm ready to share this yet.

I've started catching up on helping my computer ladies. Yesterday was a bad e-mail day! One friend had twice lost her whole inbox from a Yahoo webmail (there must be an Oscar Wilde quote about losing one inbox being unfortunate but losing two... can you finish?) I decided to revert to keeping e-mails on her PC – so much for Cloud Computing. However, this was proving impossible. I spent an hour or so on a chat to an assistant and supervisor at Yahoo but failed to get anywhere. It appears that the e-mail had been set up with US Ts  & Cs – I can't really understand how – and these preclude accessing the e-mail except through the web unless a premium is paid! They persistently ignored my questions about the validity of the contract in the UK and about assurance about future loss of e-mails. I have a copy of the chat if anyone wants to see it.

The other e-mail problem was the failure of a complete set of business e-mails. I managed to reset the passwords and reactivate them from home but they were still temperamental today. I think we've finally got them fixed. I also installed a printer – this went well: I did have one a while ago that took so long, including calls to the HP help desk, that the owner decided simply to take it back and get a refund! Printing has always been a problem ever since I started in IT and although the printers have got cheaper and better, they are still not perfect!

I'm really keen to help get people online: one of today's friends said she really enjoyed using her computer and the internet “it keeps my mind active” And it helps the charities – we're up to £200 for the Wycombe Winter Night Shelter already this year.

Thinking of quotes, I found another good one today “Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.” Good quote, shame about the author - Niccolo Machiavelli.

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