Sunday, 5 February 2012

Fun at The Zone – and snow

Friday evening at The Zone, Church youth club – lots of fun. Very well-behaved youngsters, including one who wanted to draw. I think we can use one of his drawings as a poster.

Then the promise of snow. The forecasters were accurate enough so we were able to decide on the morning services and warn people in good time. I’ve resisted taking yet more pictures of Little Hampden in the snow.

As we’d cancelled two services, I decided to try to put some of the elements on the web for those who couldn’t make it. A bit of a technology challenge but eventually got an old cassette recorder (remember these) connected to the Skype call. Bishop Alan read the Gospel and Tricia Neale read a shortened version of the sermon she was planning to deliver at the cancelled 6pm service. The result is on the Church web site or you can link to it directly here.

The e-service has reached Jerusalem.

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