Saturday, 11 February 2012

Scouts’ C50 Challenge

We were one of the checkpoints for the Scouts’ C50 Challenge – an event organised by the Greater London North Scout County. The C50 Challenge is a walk starting at Dr Challoner’s High School in Little Chalfont and passing through Gt Missenden. I don’t know the rest of the route because it’s not published – the walkers are given it at the start. There are three possible routes for walkers of different ability. There’s more information – but no routes – on the Challenge web site. There’s also a list of entries and start times – the first at 06:00! Teams came from all over – Devon to Essex, Kent to Warwickshire.

The Churchyard and Church was a buzz of activity with most of the walkers enjoying the crisp air. One or two, however, were overtaken by the cold but the Scouts team were ready. We opened the kitchen: just as well because the Scouts’ gas had frozen so they were unable to heat anything outside. Be prepared!

The team was great and they cleared up and left the Church and Churchyard clean and tidy.

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