Sunday, 19 February 2012

Pancakes at The Zone – and postscript to Scouts’ C50

Great fun last Friday at The Zone – Church youth club. We only had three members – it was half term. But they had greet fun eating pancakes and making Chocolate Fudge. In retrospect it was probably good that we only had three! Philip and I spent the evening assembling the replacement Air Hockey game. The earlier one had been replaced because the wiring was faulty, and potentially dangerous. True to form, when the youngsters had consumed all the pancakes, they played with – not the air hockey table but the cardboard and polystyrene that it came wrapped in. They decided to make a boat, but we ran out of time so we have saved the box for next week.

A follow-on from the Scouts’ Challenge last weekend: the checkpoint team left a lovely ‘thank you’ note in the Church during the week. Thank you to the Hornsey Veterans team for taking the trouble.

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