Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Simple computer tips - more on copy and paste

There’s a simpler way of copying and pasting than finding the appropriate icons or menu items - use a shortcut key. Copy can be done by using ctrl-c - what does this mean? The ctrl key (control) is normally the extreme bottom left key on the keyboard - or very near this. 

Ctrl-c means press and hold down the ctrl key, then press and release the c key, then release the ctrl key. 

Have a go at copying with ctrl-c: set up a section of text as in yesterday’s examples and select a section of code. Then copy the selected code using ctrl-c. Move the cursor to the point where you want to paste and... well for now, find paste in the menu or on the ribbon.

Not surprisingly. There’s also an option for paste: ctrl-v. Same rule: press and hold the ctrl key,  press and release the v key then release the ctrl key.

Have a go at coping and pasting with ctrl-c and ctrl-v: set up as before, select and copy with ctrl-c then move the cursor an paste with ctrl-v.

Easy, isn’t it? And with a bit of practice, you can execute the copy and paste with one hand: little finger on left hand to hold down the ctrl key then use left forefinger to press the c or v keys.

There are lots of shortcut keys that operate in a similar way and I’m sure we’ll come back to these at some stage

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