Thursday, 25 April 2013

Simple computer tips - more ways of marking text

Copying text to paste relies on selecting or marking text. The simplest way, referenced in yesterday’s blog entry, is to drag the mouse pointer over the text to be selected. But there are more ways of selecting text that might be easier in some circumstances.

It’s often useful to select a complete word. Most programs allow selecting a single word by double-clicking somewhere in the word. 

Have a go at selecting a word: find some text and double-click on a word - is the whole word selected? You can do it with this text displayed on most browsers. Try with Word and when looking at a pdf file.

One thing to look out for is whether the space after the word is selected as well as the word itself. It’s useful to have the space selected if the word is to be pasted into a sentence: pasting with the cursor immediately before the next word, after the space, will keep the layout consistent.

Have a go at pasting a word: Using Word or another editor, enter some text, then select a word by double-clicking. Make sure the space after the word is selected too. Move the cursor to immediately before the word before which the selected word is to be pasted and paste - is the word spacing handled correctly?

What about selecting a whole paragraph? Most editors and browsers support this by a triple-click: you have to be fairly quick but it does work.

Have a go at selecting a paragraph: triple-click on this paragraph. Does it work?

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