Sunday, 27 March 2011

Disconnected day

Today I succeeded to “Limit myself to checking e-mails only once” I have to admit this was mainly because of time pressures. This morning, as well as the services at Gt Missenden and Little Hampden, we had a group of cyclists visiting St Peter & St Paul. They were part of a sponsored cycle ride from Westminster Abbey to Islip. The ride was organised by the village; the proceeds are being slit equally between the local school and a new screen, designed by Nicholas Mynheer in the tower of the Church of St Nicholas at Islip. More details on the village web site: The cyclists were stopping at SSPP for refreshments (bacon butties) and an opportunity to view our screen - also designed by Nicholas Mynheer, of course.

We also had two baptisms so the Church was full and parking busy. The cyclists were entering the Churchyard by the top gate so we had to stop cars leaving by this way. There wasn’t too much overlap and we managed to allow the worshipers to leave and the cyclists to arrive with no incidents!

The afternoon was spent with all the grandchildren - putting out fires with the hose (water turned off) riding round on tractors, trying out scooters, eating yesterday’s cakes and similar. No time for e-mail. I had to leave early to have a quick visit to Young Enrerprise presentation day. The Misbourne students I’ve been advising didn’t win anything but seemed pleased with what they had achieved. Then a fascinating Lent Forum session with Dr Neil Suggett.

But back to no e-mails (or virtually none) I’ve commented before about how the improved communications we have today don’t actually improve things. Is it because we’re overloaded? Is it because a letter was significant (still is) but an e-mail is trivial? Is it a case of less is more?

In her April letter to the Church Mag, Rosie raises the issue of the Church in the digital era.  There are similar points and more - how do we engage people? Are we moving to an e-church? There’s one of these already! Have a look at

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