Thursday, 31 March 2011

Walk - and birthday conundrum

I managed ‘Walk a route you would normally drive’ today - instead of driving up to Church on the way to Young Enterprise at the Misbourne I parked in school and walked up. Not a big deal, I don’t think. I suppose I should have walked all the way from Little Hampden - but that’s too challenging.

I’ve also started collecting science experiments for Zone Plus. We’re going to try a Foucault’s Pendulum in the tower. I’m also going to try the birthday conundrum. We’ll ask people on Church on Sunday morning to record their birthdays (not the year - that wouldn’t be fair!) We’ll then use a random selection of these to see how many are needed to to find two with the same birthday. Statistically, the chances are 50% with 23 people. I’ve tried it a number of times and always done better than this. The students in this year’s YE company - 22 of them - are a good example. There is one pair of twins which I don’t think counts but there are two other matching birthdays. If you’re on Facebook, next time it’s one of your friend’s birthdays, look at all of them. You have to have enough friends, of course! I have several matches in mine, not just the twins.

There’s a link on the Zone plus website to more information.

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