Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Lancaster and first Lent activity

We’re up in Lancaster with friends for a few days - which will make completing the Love Life Live Lent activities a challenge! I think the best I can do today is to say something nice about someone behind their back!

We’ve only just arrived in Lancaster but went down to look at the John Rennie Aqueduct taking the Lancaster Canal over the river. It’s being restored at considerable expense - today they had started filling it up again after repairing and repointing the stonework. Seeing the stone channel taking the canal across the aqueduct was interesting - normally these aren’t visible because they are full of water.

Lancaster is a cycling town - here’s one for Helen:

And here are some pictures of the aqueduct:

The aqueduct from the riverbank

The aqueduct from the towpath

The trough in the aqueduct

Ian's paper mill
Old and new industry

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