Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lancaster, Morcambe and queues

On Friday I decided to try ‘Give up your place in a queue to someone else’ but with the day we had planned - a walk to see some limestone pavement and an afternoon in Morcambe - this seemed quite a challenge. However, I was driving so I managed to let lots of people out of side roads - the traffic in Lancaster is quite heavy - and let several cars pass me when we were pottering through the lanes. I think this counts?

The morning walk was to Fairy Steps, through the woods and across areas of limestone pavement. The myth of Fairy Steps is that if you can climb to the top without touching the sides, the fairies will grant your wish. Needless to say, no wishes were granted.

Limestone pavements are being preserved because of the unique flora they support. There’s a web site -

In the afternoon we visited the newly-restored Midland Hotel at Morcambe. The hotel was the last railway hotel, built in 1933. It had been left to decay until a developer saw the potential. The restoration has certainly been expensive. There is some remaining Eric Gill artwork in the hotel - a frieze in reception, a map in one of the larger rooms and a painting over the wonderful circular staircase. We didn’t get any pictures but there are lots on the web and if you’re a fan of Poirot, you’ll see it in more than one episode. There’s also a website about the restoration

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