Friday, 10 April 2009

Good Friday

Stations of the Cross

This afternoon’s ‘Stations of the Cross’ meditation was wonderful. A thoughtful, peaceful evocation supported by pictures of the stations. A good end to Holy week.

I’ve put a link to Chris Gollon’s pictures used in this afternoon’s Good Friday meditation in Today’s Picture on the right.


Helen said...

What can I say....? I thought the service today was awesome! I was totally speechless and the images made it for me. I wonder whether we could get a visit organised to see the church in Bethnal Green - where Chris Gollon's work was/is commissioned?

The penultimate day for Tearfund's carbonfast is to ask a car or vehicle owner to check their tyre pressure,as low tyre pressure means higher fuel consumption.
I'm particulary bad at doing this regularly and will make sure it's on the list of things I will carry over after Lent. Have suggested to Wendy she should check her moped and will ask the neighbours as and when I see them.

David Harris said...

I thought of a visit to Bethnal Green, too. Not on a bike!

Helen said...

Great minds think a like! ;) Maybe the train...?