Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wednesday 1 April

There’s been some debate about ‘letting go’ which Eddie told us to do to get nearer God. We’re all certainly driven by task lists, priorities, deadlines and the like. So it’s very difficult just to switch off. I’m looking forward to working through Stephen Cottrell’s Do Nothing to Change Your Life after Easter - if I can find time...

I’m not sure how to get some more debate going - Helen and Rosie are very supportive but I don’t seem to be able to inspire anyone else - perhaps you’ve let go, too.

Yesterday’s Feed the Birds must have inspired our local farmer: he has just seeded the fields around us. These have attracted hundreds of pigeons - this picture was taken this morning. There are often a few around but where do all these come from?

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Helen said...

Oh dear!- I'm definately having a bad week on the Tearfund action list. Today's action was to walk or cycle a trip that you would otherwise use the car for. Would you believe I drove into work today - I have a late session and cycling home would see me getting in way too late. But I think my usual active travel habits would stand me in good stead....? (Around 150 miles a week on the bike - I should see how much carbon that saves?)